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July 13, 2023



Very happy for you and Archie. One of the blessings of a new puppy is that he will make you smile, and often laugh out loud, every day.

Nancy W

Archie is adorable! Lots of fun adventures ahead!


What a cutie! So glad he joined the family, looks like a sweet pup. Enjoy him!

T Holzer

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Beautiful addition to your household!!

Leota Krantz

Welcome Archie.

Debbie R.

So cute! Enjoy every puppy moment. Welcome, little Archie!

sue s

What fun! We're feeling too old for a puppy, but maybe an older dog is in our future. Enjoy Archie!!


So happy for you!! Wish you many years of joy and fun with Archie! I’m eagerly anticipating the future stories of his antics!

Pamela Dempsey

Oh, he’s adorable! Very lucky puppy 🥰


Archie is adorable, as is his name! We crate trained our two for sleeping at night from the day we brought them home. It's their 'cave' & both go in on their own at bedtime. Enjoy the puppy days! 🐶


So happy for you and welcome Archie 🐶🐾 I see the "momma doggie" on top of the crate! The heartbeat sound helped when our puppy was small - made the transition to a crate by himself much easier. Enjoy your little guy!


hey Archie! you're adorable!

mellow? hmmmm. you might have hit the jackpot. ;p


Bravo for your family, and welcome, Archie.
Put all the irons and shoes away!



oh, forgot to add: hide your shoes! it's an on-going game in this are better than his favorite toy because it gets a laugh and a chase from us. or, a 'trade' for a treat. ;p

Kathy Czuprynski

Oh, Nicole! How wonderful for you! Years ago when I was looking for a pup, I asked you what breed Ozzie was. We ended up getting a Wire Fox Terrier (I had one as a child)! Our little male Foxie will be 3 in September. They are wonderful dogs with quite the personality. I’m sure Eva will enjoy the little guy, too. Best wishes!

Jan Smith

Hello Archie! Welcome home!

Jill Matyastik

I’m in love! Archie is adorable and precious


He looks adorable. I hope that mellow personality means your shoes are safe!

Elizabeth Steenblik

Love wire hairs. I had one for 18 years! They re so full of fun! Great choice for a companion!


Congratulations on your new fur baby, he is adorable!


Welcome Archie! Lots of stories are ahead, I'm sure. All of us "cyber aunties" are sending hugs and snuggles.

Anita R

Lol on Eva in the crate 🤣 looks like Archie adores her already!

Jennifer in Indy

How fun - congrats on the new companion!

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