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July 18, 2023


T Holzer

It sounds like you all are having so much fun with Archie! And having Eva around is so good for him. Enjoy!!


Yay! Archie sounds like a quick-study! When I read about the cat litter box I imagined you having to train him to go outside to do his business! It sounds as if things are going very well despite the amount of time it takes to get a new puppy 'with the program'! It looks like Eva & Archie have bonded in the first photo! 💙🐶


oh, yeah. those sharp baby teeth are something else. we were buying economy size band-aids. ;p

'trade' is another good command to teach. I use it all the time if River picks up something on our walk or if he grabs a shoe...

Debbie Williams

I just melted when I saw these pictures. We had a couple of wire-hairs when I was a pre-teen and absolutely love that breed. Enjoy!

Donna Murdock

It sounds like true love to me!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Archie is such a handsome lad, and I know he must be lots of fun. I think I missed Ozzie's passing. I'm so sorry for your loss. May Archie fill that big hole in your hear.


Loved seeing Archie and hearing about his adventures! Thanks for sharing. Puppy teeth are the worst! Enjoy every minute - they grow up so fast

Debbie R.

Cuteness overload for sure! Enjoy every minute.

Anita R

He is such a cutie 🥰

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