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July 25, 2023



He is such a cutie. Maybe just post about his antics. I am sure we all of us would enjoy that since many have senior dogs or are dog free. My husband does not want to replace our Karlin (a 13 year old Mini Schnauzer) when something happens to him. The thought of it is heartbreaking.

Carol L

Play with puppy. Sewing will keep, puppies grow up to fast. And you don't want to miss out on puppyhood!!! cl


Oh, I think you'll have plenty of adventures to tell us about in the coming months! You know they're coming! Archie's such a handsome boy & you can see him just thinking about what to do next...

Kathy Czuprynski

Definitely been there with our Foxie. Unfortunately whenever there is thunder within a 50 mile radius, he shakes and I have to sit with him while I hand sew binding. But he definitely is cute!

Debbie R.

Good luck with the puppy training. You are brave to take that on. Definitely time consuming. But so worth it, when he grows up to be a well-behaved dog. For now, with puppy, Eva and dinners to make, it seems like your plate is pretty full. But there will be time for quilting again!


um, I didn't even cook much for months after we brought River home. I was too tired. ;p

A friend of mine got a pup at the same time and she said her nightly dinner was cheese, crackers, and a glass of wine bc she was too tired to cook.

he is a handsome boy...Eva needs to tire him out more. if you can, take him on your outings. it's really good socialization and mental stimulation(which does tire them out). anything to tire them out.....

Donna Murdock

I so remember our adventures with our puppy last year! When I would try to sew, he would grab a piece of fabric off one of the shelves, make sure I could see him, and then run like the wind! All he wanted was for me to chase him. He really didn't want the fabric. He just wanted constant attention. I finally had to put up a child gate in the room so he could see me. I only wanted 45 minutes a day of sewing time for my sanity! Oh, the laughs we got! We still haven't sanded down the edges of our coffee table where he teethed.


Archie is so cute! Sounds like some good suggestions, socializing him and trying to tire him out! Hopefully that will help without tiring YOU out too much. LOL


That first year absolutely is devoted to a new puppy. Not everyone realizes that, and many of those who do don’t want to make the sacrifice. The first year of our pup’s life I didn’t knit at all - it’s not just cats that like to play with yarn - and sewing was at a minimum. But devoting my time to training and socializing our little fur baby was so worth it. She gives us so much love and makes us laugh out loud every day. What more could we ask for?

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