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August 09, 2023



Primitive Gatherings has the BEST fabric collections ever. A close runner up for me are the Sweetwater bundles. Like you said, it’s only money! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.


I'm happy to see an Archie update! He's a cutie, alright! Eventually the biting will end, but what worked for us was a spray bottle of water. A few times getting sprayed (don't be hesitant, it doesn't hurt them) & then all you have to do is show them the bottle & the biting stops! Soft or no barking is a bonus you didn't know you needed! Your fat quarter bundles are so pretty! Happy stitching!

Pamela Dempsey

Yes, water bottles help on dogs and cats. He’s a cutie pie!🥰

sue s

You are so lucky he doesn't bark. Mine weren't too bad, but we have several in our neighborhood who bark almost non-stop. It's the worst part of summer with the windows open!
Lovely, lovely fabrics.


ARCHIE! adorable. we use the spray bottle here when our pup paws at us. he has massive paws and it hurts. he has learned to paw a little softer. ;p


Archie looks so adorable. Even when they misbehave, we all still love our dogs!


That’s a beautiful bundle. I would pick that too but I decided against the sew a long. I don’t like the pressure of sewing when I don’t feel like sewing. I have two other projects to concentrate on. I will just enjoy what you share.


Love Archie! He's adorable! At least he's not into your undergarments like Ozzie was, at least I remember many a pic of him tangled in clothes 😂


So substitute the name Alfie and you have our dog. Any stick or piece of wood, although he does favor the purple octopus when he's inside. And we call it jail, as in, "Do you want to go to jail?" What a life! Enjoy reading all of your blog.

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