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August 22, 2023



Thanks for the recommendations!


I always look forward to your book reviews. These all sound great. Thank you.


I always read your book reviews & share them with my sister. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! 📚

Audrey Bretz

I always love your book recommendations and I've reserved several of these from my local library for my kindle. I also was able to get Meredith, Alone right away! I don't know how you get so many books read! Good for you.

T Holzer

Oh this post is gonna cost me some money!! I'm happy that you had such a great run on books. Thanks, Nicole!

Barbara Groeschell

Just used one of my audible credits for Tom Lake. I have been reading more and more books by listening. I always appreciate your recommendations. Thanks.


I'm always excited to see your book reviews. I have placed a hold at my library based on your reviews. Thank you!

sue s

There are 469 people on the waiting list at my library for Tom Lake. I guess you aren't the only one interested in it!! I saw Ann Patchett several years ago for an earlier book. She was a hoot.


I love your book reviews.


This is truly a marvelous book. I listened to it and loved every moment.

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