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August 18, 2023



Looks great! I have 2 more monthly blocks to make before I can assemble. I did cut the blue plaid on the bias, and am very happy with the result.

Now you have me thinking about adding a border - just would mean I’d need something else for the backing.

The weather this summer has been something else!

Pam D

This not working is good for your stitching... Beautiful!!!


Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see it with the borders. You did a beautiful job


That looks great! Beautiful work.


I really like how this quilt came out and it will look even better when you get the borders on it. I think a whole quilt of the log cabin with a star blocks would be pretty impressive too.

Also, sorry to hear earlier about your job/writing work but I have to say, I find full retirement to be pretty awesome!


I agree with you about wonky plaids. Joanne's idea to cut them on the bias sounds like a good solution for this quilt. We've got hot weather, but our highs are in the mid-90's. The added problem for this area has been smoke from fires in Canada. Staying inside to sew has been my solution!


WOW. This is going to be amazing. I agree about the plaid though-it drives me mad when lines are off kilter. I am also sorry to hear about your writing job. We're looking at AI and ChatGPT and how are students will or are using them.



Dona Zarosinski

So pretty! I totally agree with you about plaids…i gotta have them cut straight with straight seams or not use them…

sue s

Such s lovely quilt this is! I didn't buy plaid fabrics for several years because of the problems. Now, if I can cut it straight I will use it, but never randomly as so often they aren't straight.

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