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August 28, 2023



All your projects are beautiful!


Loving those quilts. The red is just beautiful. You sure are accomplishing a lot! I had to laugh at “ circus tent” size quilts. I really enjoy lap quilts these days. How many bed size quilts does one need anyway!


I like the term "circus tent size" I do need one that size for my bed!
I admire you for finishing those UFOs! I have good intentions to do that but something new always catches my eye. Nicole, you would catch this when putting together, I'm sure but check the block on left bottom, second row up.


Great progress finishing up those UFO's! I'm guessing you're busy sorting & organizing with your sisters. Enjoy your time together.

Debbie R.

Hi Nicole,

I'm just catching up after a little vacation from social media. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your freelance writing gig ... to AI. Definitely their loss. You are a terrific writer -- as proven by your blog and all your loyal readers. As always, thanks for all the thought and work you put into your blog.

As for the way you were let go, that was terrible. Makes being let go feel even worse. I was let go once, from a job I loved. It wasn't me, it was the bottom line. It was done slightly more humanely. I worked from home and got an email that my boss was coming over to see me. Well, that was the writing on the wall. So I packed up all the files and was ready to hand them over when she arrived. That gave me just a little bit of "control" of the situation. Which, of course, was totally devastating.

On the bright side, you are making such great use of your time and sewing up a storm! It's amazing to see all these projects come together. And they're gorgeous!

Enjoy your days!!

sue s

Good for you finishing up quilts! That was my goal this year but I somehow managed to start several more and have only finished 2. Oh well, I love the new ones so it's all good! Love the red and white.

Stephani in N. TX

Love the quilts you are working on, making progress with. So glad you have a hobby you love to indulge in when the work gig disappeared. I have to laugh when I read things likely written by AI. You can be reading along as smooth as can be and then there is a word completely incorrect and out of context, enough to make one smile or laugh out loud. When medical report transcription went away, we workers laughed to think about who or what was going to correct or fix messed up or incorrect statements or data. I had one person tell me the computer that now rendered the final medical report he received was so jumbled as to make the synopsis useless and he would have to call the consultant. I guess it's true, the bottom line makes the decisions, and we get what we get. Stitch on, friend.


I love all of your finishing. Won’t take long before you wonder how you had time to work. The quilts are going to be beautiful.


Nice to see these lovely quilts and you are making some great progress there Nicole. Hate when you feel like sewing and "things" happen and can't move on with them! You have gotten so much done and so very close with these...keep going, you are so close!!!

Enjoy your stitching,


these are all beautiful!!!

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