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August 21, 2023



Don't you just love a red/white quilt?! I have yet to get mine quilted, but I remember how much fun it was to sew. I only had two of Lori's books, but it's easy to find a substitute block on the web for the patterns I didn't have.


Look at you go Nicole! Always inspiring!


What a darling quilt your red blocks will make! You've inspired me to look at her books again.


The nice thing about having a blog— maybe you can look back and find out why you made duplicate blocks! Love everything you are doing— just beautiful, beautiful work. Xox


You're getting those UFO's finished up quickly! The little houses with the 'Sew Sew Sew' windows are adorable! California is really getting a big dose of Mother Nature's rough weather & more! Poor Archie...dogs either ignore loud noises or get really upset. There's no middle ground on that one!

Mary Kastner

Looking great!


poor Archie...our last dog was not a fan either. River? doesn't seem to notice much.

I forgot about this gorgeous red and white quilt.

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