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August 14, 2023


Ruth Tacoma

I'm so sorry! No one should be treated that way. I hope doors open for you to have something much better coming your way soon. Maybe even a new and spectacular career path! :)


Good news - there is life after a let-go, and I can attest to it. I'm glad you have a positive approach to your future. You won't be broke; you'll just manage your money differently. And retirement has its perks!


All I can say is wow that is a terrible way to treat people. I am so sorry that it happened to you. I hope that another opportunity opens up for you. You are a very talented writer, perhaps have a book that you didn't have the time to write waiting for this opportunity.


I’m so sorry that you were treated like this. Sadly,I have been inthe same place but was terminated in person. It seems that my field was full of young credentialed persons who could work for less money and benefits than the 20 year + employees that built the business.

It’s a pretty awful feeling and it is scary financially wise. I was just 57,ready to start socking away for my retirement. You will figure it all out too. It’s funny but we were brought up to have a good work ethic., that our good work would be reciprocated by job security. We know that is not true but it still hurts and confuses us. I wish you peace.

Pamela Dempsey

😥so sorry! Hugs 🤗 it will get better.

Pam D

Nichole, hard to accept even when you saw it coming. Hope something new comes along that is interesting for you and uses your talents. Meanwhile, we've seen your stash of fabric so enjoy and use it up!!!


So sorry about your job! Honestly, they couldn’t have handled it more disrespectfully. If it’s any comfort to you, AI will not at this point in time be able to generate the quality of content you did and I don’t think you’re being replaced. I think the company you work for is just experiencing what they all are in terms of cost cutting. If you enjoy the work— I’m sure you could pull in some other clients if that is something you would want to pursue. But I’m reminded of something someone told me in my youth— the only thing worse than having a job is looking for one! Hugs.

Stephani in N. TX

Ouch, that stings Nicole. With writing talent and computer know-how, and work-at-home drive, perhaps you could look into make big bucks with a blog business. Lord knows there are enough quilters and home sewing folks to bring along. Maybe just quilt to your hearts content till you see what's out there. I worked happily at home on my computers for the last 10 years of my working life and loved working every minute of it.


That stinks. You'll find something even better that appreciates all you do.


I’m sorry to hear your story. You are going to enjoy filling the time with all you have going on. Archie will keep you bust for a while and all that glorious fabric in your stash too. Keep a chin up and make the best out of it all.

sue s

So sorry you have to go through this. It sure was handled poorly. However, the positive in this is that you won't be sitting with nothing to do. Quilts-to-be are calling you!


There is so much wrong with what happened to you. It's upsetting, infuriating, rude & so much more. Your blog readers keep coming back each day because of YOU. You're talented at writing about quilt making, book reviews, culinary skills & so much more! This place is never boring & always inspiring...because of YOUR writing skills.
Little Archie with his pillow is so adorable! When our two were puppies we put three of those pens together in the yard for outdoor time without as much supervision...a/k/a time for us to actually get things accomplished without having to be right there with them.


Oh Nicole, I'm so sorry you were let go like that! When I left my job I felt disrespected and undervalued as well, but at least I made the decision to leave. I hope you take some time for yourself to get over this hurt. I know it's been hard for me and I'm still very resentful. It's only recently, after a year and a half that I've really gotten back into quilting! Big hugs!


One door closes, another door opens, and you'll know when

Lisa D.

I'm sorry you had your job pulled out from under you like that. An AI bot is never going to write the way you do. :(


So sorry to hear that you were caught up in the current trend of disrespecting workers. Your positive attitude will be a plus in moving on and your work ethic will make another employer so pleased to have you (should you decide to head in that direction).

Arrowhead Gramma

So sorry to hear about your job Nicole and the horrible way you were treated. Since you did not quit, live in California and were not "fired," will you be able to collect unemployment?

Keeping good thoughts for you.

Cynthia White

Sorry you were 'quiet fired'! It really does mess with your head, time, funds, & self-esteem! Hoping you can find another income that suits you well, very soon. And that you enjoy your fabric in the meantime!

Donna Murdock

This is so outrageous! I am angry for you! You are taking this very well! The only thing worse would be if the AI had written you the severance letter. That is sarcastic and not helpful at all. We. have a sign that reads, "When God closes one door, He opens another. But it is Hell in the hallway!" I am sorry you are in the hallway. Best wishes and prayers to you


awful. just awful. throw yourself into your sewing. that is my escapism from the world.

I was so thankful we had tile floor in our kitchen so we could setup a pen area and contain him. we have never had a puppy b4 and were not prepared for the accidents. yikes.

try to stay cool this week.


Disgraceful way to treat employees. Expendables! Big hugs. Puppy is adorable and enjoy the extra sewing time!


I am so sorry you were treated that way! Just shameful how employers are handling people today. Enjoy the break for now and if you desire to seek something in the future, I wish you the very best! If not, you are extremely talented and I know you'll figure out a good budget going forward.


Employers really have lost any sense of decency! Very sorry you were treated so badly Nicole. You deserve better! I love your writing and I think you have a best seller in you! And Archie is darn cute! What a face!


So sorry for how you were treated in your 'dismissal'- Hugs to you - hopefully that cutie patootie Archie will help to make you feel more wanted and needed. :-)

Mary Kastner

Brutal unnecessary treatment. I am so sorry. Take care.

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