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September 27, 2023



I haven't made this block or any other Basic Grey blocks, but I feel your pain. What a waste of time and fabric to have incorrect measurements given! I'm so sorry this happened to you.


Oh my! Good job you did a test before cutting the rest. I've been using Deb Tucker's Studio 180 rulers and they've been really good for getting points sorted. You do cut a bit larger and trim down, but it is only a smidgeon and it's such a pity all your hard work has ended up not quite right. I'm now discovering rulers on the longarm - ugh! Getting in the zone and then realising you've got to unpick some that you didn't intend to do!
Have to say initially I thought the first block looked nice until you pointed out the points!!!
Cheers, Kerry - where there's a will, there's a way!

Juls E

I never make a quilt with side setting triangles unless I have done the math to check the designer's numbers. That’s courtesy of a mystery quilt where 10 of us had cut them and the measurement was wrong- too small, and no corrections posted. The very next quilt, the designer had “slightly” oversized, and the square cut was 4 inches larger than oversized. It sure wasted a lot of fabric! The excess cut off was pretty much useless with the angled ends. I am about to give up on patterns. The most recent fad has you cutting full blocks in half, losing the seam allowance thru the center. And losing all the points around the entire outside of the quilt. You dont know this until you have purchased the pattern, and now have to recalculate for half blocks. I feel bad for new quilters who don’t realize this! One designer is advertising this as a feature of her newly released pattern. Good grief!

sue s

I know some of the designers have a corrections page, although I can't think of one off the top of my head. It's especially bad with the Moda blocks samplers with different designers. I have had more problems with the Blockhead blocks and I feel bad when I see the new quilters relating their problems on FB. You were smart to make the test block!


I've discovered over the past few years that I must try a sample block. I was running into too many issues, such as your lost points, on patterns that were supposed to be correct. I'm sorry for your frustrating sewing day! That fabric is too pretty to waste on pattern errors!


How frustrating. Good on you for finding a "fix". I wonder if I created the block in EQ8, what it would show for the rotary cutting sizes. hmm. Thanks for the heads up.

Lora Prange

I have that same Judy Hopkins book. I love it. It probably has all the quilt block patterns you will ever need. I've used it several times as a reference when pattern directions aren't clear or seam off.


man, that is so frustrating. thank goodness you did a test block. me? I barrel ahead and start cutting b4 testing a block bc I am always in a hurry. not a good strategy.

Pam O

Nicole, your block looks different from the block in the picture of the quilt.
In the quilt there are big triangles on the corners of the center. Also there is a small triangle under the flying geese.
Just what mt eyes see.
Good luck


I think Pam O is on to something. Take a second look. I love Basic Grey patterns and I’ve never had a problem. Xox.


Having experienced several crunched points on my blocks, after recutting pieces, after still not enjoying sharp points, I took your recommendation for Judy Hopkins book, 501 Rotary -Cut Quilt Blocks and ordered the book. Better Blocks are in my future! Can’t Wait!

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