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September 11, 2023


Nancy Watkins

Thanks for the heads up on the blue fabric. I am doing the designer BOM. Your blocks are looking good!

sue s

I'm glad you went ahead and did the flea market quilt. That was the one the FQS didn't seem to keep up on and I still want to do it. I'm not doing the designer quilt but those blocks are beautiful!

Kathy Czuprynski

I also saw posts saying they ran out of fabric. I ordered some extra so I should be good!


Your Designer Mystery blocks look great, as your sewing always does! I'm a little surprised to read that FQS isn't providing as much fabric for sew-alongs as they used to. You could always count on their kits to have plenty left over. I've had pretty good luck finding older fabric lines on Etsy, too. Have a good're 'on a roll' just like Eva!

Pamela Dempsey

Wow, that’s a lot of starching! Where do you hang it all to dry? Beautiful blocks 😻


the variety of colors and designs you are working on is amazing. that's the kind of thing that excites me to sew...variety.

I'm still working on a applique UFO late at night. 2 more blocks to go and then I can sew it together and start the borders. yay!

Dianne R

Love those blue blocks. I haven't spent much time sewing lately. I did make a quilted fabric book for my grandson yesterday.


Those designer mystery blocks with blue background are gorgeous!! Glad you were able to find more of it to make sure you have enough.


Could it be they are waiting until the last month to send the setting fabric. A shop I often get bom’s from do that. I would prefer to get it as we go along so there isn’t as much finishing at the end. I always use studio 180 rulers when possible so I make a little larger and trim down and fear running out. Sometimes I buy a layer cake as insurance.

Jackie Hicks

Can you please be more specific on which fabric you are calling the blue background fabric - is it the darker blue. I use other methods for making half sq and flying geese and want to try to find some additional fabric. Thanks!

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