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September 07, 2023


Lisa S

My other hobby is researching my ancestors,, genealogy. Many people say to let go of vacation and scenery pictures when going through inherited pictures.
I have not scanned the many pictures I have inherited because I just plain out do not like to scan.
Google would be a great source for reading how others handle this project. Good luck !


My siblings and I had the experience of dissembling my parent’s household a few years ago. My parents also had traveled quite a bit over the years so we had a similar experience of disposing of their photos. I did keep a smattering of their photos that had “people” in them, not just scenery, and scanned them into my computer. I love it as they are always handy to go back and look through. My parents had a small wedding album that I did keep intact. One thing I will suggest to you is that if you are disposing of any photos that have family in them, you might want to consider shredding them rather than just throwing them in the trash, for possible identity theft purposes. I found it very heartbreaking to go through their beloved belongings and dispose of them, so I feel for you and what you are going through.


We have parents' photo collections from trips, as well. At some point we just have to let them go. Patty's suggestion about shredding makes sense...lots of shredding... You're making great progress on the Sampler Spree blocks! And, private puppy training lessons are terrific! Archie looks like he's quite comfy in his crate! Sweet boy! 🐶

Dona Zarosinski

Ohhh…photos are hard. It’s a reminder to put people in your travel photos! What a job you did.

Ruth Tacoma

The photos are quite a job! I did the same...dumped all the nature photos (unless it was a view from our childhood house overlooking our lake and had meaning to me), dumped the vacay photos unless it was my parents in a great photo....and kept the zillion others. My dad was an amateur photographer and documented his side of the family...with 8 siblings and lots of get togethers, it was a lot.

One thing that would really help you is this scanner. Instead of having to lay them all flat and scan...and them...scan them...wait, you can just put a stack on and they feed through. Just a thought. It's a little pricey, but works great. You can resell it when you are done I'm sure. I'll link you to amazon (not an affiliate or anything, just a person who loves history & photos).


I used ScanCafe to scan hundreds of photos. You send them in, they scan them and send you the files. Saved me hours and hours and I used them even though I have a great scanner. Saves so much time.

sue s

Like others I gave myself permission to toss photos. Hard, but necessary. I did take some to my 96 yo aunt and if she couldn't identify people the photo was tossed. Same with family on my dad's side. I like the idea of the multiple scanner. We have tons of slides to scan of our own.
Archie is adorable!


I also used Scan Cafe to scan lots of old family photos and was happy with the service. They put them on CDs (also returned all the original photos to me) and I could give copies of the CDs to other family members.


Archie is the sweetest! Instead of donating the items no one wants you may want to check their value on eBay and sell. A friend of mine was showing me how you can take a picture and do a google search to find out what it’s worth or selling for. She had some light fixtures she was going to toss that were worth thousands of dollars! They were ugly wood too 🤣

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love Archie.


Oh, Archie is the best! Please keep updating us about him!


Ah, Sweet Archie. He is adorable! I'm curious to know how you taught the "leave it" command. He is a bright learner to have picked it up in a week. We recently adopted a female Airedale who had been a mom for a breeder. She's good in so many ways but still has lots to learn, including "leave it."

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