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September 05, 2023



You really put in the 'labor' this holiday weekend! I agree that the gold background block doesn't have the contrast to show off the basket. Your second one has much better contrast. Are you going to donate the books or keep them to browse through at home? If you're donating, do you have any streetside 'little libraries' in your area? They're usually take a book/leave a book exchanges. The ones around our town always welcome new books to their offerings.


I love that gold beautiful. The brown one does have much better contrast. make the gold one your label? (says the woman who use to embroider labels for all of her quilts)

I hope you didn't get stuck in traffic. Does anyone take books anymore? I hope the house is ready soon for prepping to sell. At least the agent will take on all that work. ;p


I like the brown basket!! Also really like the bottom right block. You were really busy "laboring" this past weekend.


The good one is definitely more of a "low volume" look, but I do love it. I think the brown one is better suited to what you’re after though.

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