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October 04, 2023



Archie does look picture perfect! And wow, so does Sampler Spree— i have to tell you I was a skeptic— now your arrangement of the blocks and the lattice has won me over! Xox

Nancy Buennemeyer

Thank you for sharing picture of Archie!! I miss my wire foxes!! Those terriers are a bundle of personality. Sampler spree looks great too!!


Your Sampler Spree lattice is subtle, but exactly what the blocks need. I notice that you've separated the zig-zag blocks, too. It's looking great! Jumping up isn't good, especially when it's out of the blue at full speed ahead! He's sure a cutie-pie!


Always love hearing about Archie - he looks so handsome after his grooming! Enjoy his puppiness 🐶 sampler spree looks lovely!


yeah, that jumping up is annoying. my dog only does it if he is super excited while playing or when he gets frustrated with me. Like, when I stop to talk to a neighbor and he wants to continue on the walk. such a wanker.

I use Petfood Express self-service bathing. It's about $14 but it has a raised tub, warm water and shampoo with cool air to dry. I have to give my dog a bath every other week. He just gets so dirty.

I love the quilt. but really lovely.


Greetings from Australia.I would like to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and am truly grateful you still do a blog. I do not have instagram and really do not want to start that.
Thank you very much

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