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October 16, 2023



Very cute! Sometimes I think just sewing smaller quilts is the direction I need.

sue s

Cute pattern, but not for me this year! I do love making fall patterns but I'm doing two other sew-alongs already. Maybe next year...


I really like the combined 'bat' pieces that make the interesting medallion block! Great idea! I've had good luck locating hard-to-find fabrics on Etsy, too. That's a cute Halloween quilt, for sure! 🦇


Oh those are really cute quilt blocks. And I had a hard time realizing that those were the same bat blocks put together! Ha! I'm working on a couple of Christmas table runners, because if I don't start now, they won't get finished in time.


that is an adorable pattern. out and about is exactly what we all need.

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