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October 23, 2023


Pamela Dempsey

Eva and her friend Riley are too cute! The cookies look really good and Archie is a doll! 😻🥰

Anita K

Eva and Riley look super cute!! I remember the Power Puff Girls, because my guys were watching that show. Just don't ask me what the kids are watching now.😉 Archie is adorable. Some days that's probably his saving grace!!! Hang in there.

Kerry L

Eva is so cute! She just looks like a really nice kid. Well and Archie is as cute as a dickens! Hope you got lots done this past weekend! Looking forward to more of your projects.


Eva & Riley look like they're having fun at the dance! I read the cookie recipe & I want to give it a try soon. Earl Grey & lemon icing sound like a great combination! Archie is adorable, that's all there is to it! Glad he's learning to be a good boy & pretty soon you won't need to watch his every move, right? right???? 🐶

Nancy B

Girls look adorable in their costumes! Thanks for sharing the recipe as well. But that picture of Archie made my day! What a heartbreaker! Those wires - I don't think they can ever be completely trusted! LOL


omg! Power Puff Girls cartoon was a favorite for me and my niece in the 90s! "Saving The World Before Bedtime!" was their motto. there was an evil monkey nemesis named Monkichi(I think)

I'm glad Eva is willing to go to the dances even if the boys and girls huddle together in different groups. it's still a good experience for all of them.

Archie was probably delighted to have Eva around all weekend. Someone else to play with. ;p


Yay for Eva for coming up with a unique costume! It was probably way more comfortable than some others.

I love your dressed up "Brown Betty" teapot! My hubby ordered me one just within the last month (from England) and I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can use it. :) Those tea cakes/cookies look yummy, so thanks for the recipe link!

Clair Becker

Your cookies look so yummy. Thank you for the book review again. I read “All the light you cannot see” after your review now so looking forward to the Netflix mini series. Clair

Susan W

Power Puff Girls must be having a renaissance among middle school girls! My friend's 6th grade daughter will also be Bubbles for Halloween along with her group of friends who will be various other Power Puff Girls. Eva looks great and I'm sure the other kids knew what she was going for :)


Sounds like a great weekend! I had a fun one too — took my kids to a birthday party, and they did new things that were hard for them at the party. I was so proud!

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