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October 30, 2023



Wow, your family has so many creative genes to use. That party lives up to the past and then some. I remember your pics from years past. I am happy the party happened. Prayers for your family going through difficult struggles. Tell your sister that all of her creativity was noted and it was all FABULOUS! The world needs some smiles and fun.

Nancy B

The decor is spectacular!! Even the skeleton on the fridge. Not to mention the food. Those are some festivities if they fly in from so many places. What fun the costumes are. No character portrayals for Archie!? My wire would be barking up a storm at all the trick or treaters and trying to escape the front door... no costumes for him!

Prayers for your family member. I hope everything is ok. Thinking of all of you.

Lisa D.

Your Halloween parties are EPIC. What beautiful decorating and amazing costumes. I'm glad you all had a chance to be together. Sending support for your ailing loved one.

Linda Kay Smith

Your family's Halloween parties look like something that would show up in a magazine spread - amazing. And what fun it must be to be able to all get together. Thanks for sharing photos.


I'm sending your family member good thoughts & wishes for a timely recovery. That was a tough call for everyone, but it looks as if a good time was had by all. The house & food look spectacular! Your sister is a talented decorator! The banana salesman is such a clever idea!! 🍌🍌WHO thinks of that?? Have fun on Halloween!


It looks like it would be so much fun to hang out with your family! I am sorry one is feeling so poorly. Sending good wishes and prayers.


Amazing decor! And fun costumes. I’m so happy to see Kate as a fab queen of hearts! I had the fun of attending your family party many years ago! Maybe you were there when several of Kate’s Crate friends attended. Thanks for all the photos!

Diane Linford

Wow! I can’t imagine all the hard work that went into party. Looks so fun. I hope your family member is improving. Prayers coming your way.


1) omg with the decorating

2) shady banana salesman!

3) mrs. roper!

4) "don't get your pot all bent out of shape!" should be your new line to every disagreement in life. ;p

I hope your family member recovers fully and quickly. it is so scary to feel so helpless.


Very imaginative.
Thank you for sharing. I have missed the party.
Please compliment you sis for me. She made it look seamless but so many manhours went into it.
Prayers for your family member.
What part of South Carolina does your family live. I am in Charleston.
Great post. Thanks

Kerry L

That party looked amazing!!! You could sell tickets for it! I hope your family member recovers soon!

Pamela Dempsey

That Halloween invitation is awesome! Best I have ever seen! What a beautiful decorated home and great costumes 🎃. Hope your relative is better now.

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