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October 18, 2023



Hi, I do follow your blog, Ido paper piece and enjoy the accuracy you are able to grt. Always enjoy your book reviews.


Hi there! I always read your blog, first thing every day. It’s my favorite quilting blog. Well, it’s my favorite blog, period. I have done a little foundation paper piecing - I started with that foundation paper piecing quilt-along you were involved in a few years ago. I really enjoyed that project, but didn’t care for all the blocks, so I select a few and work on those every few months. I think foundation paper piecing is a lot of fun, but I always set that project aside because I have more pressing projects to attend to. Right now I’m working on an Elizabeth Hartmann quilt, and it is time consuming and meticulous. But lots of fun. When (if) I finish it, I have a couple quilts that have been set aside for quite awhile, which I have told myself will get finished before I take on anything new. I’m so glad that you are enjoying your new project - thanks for sharing it with us, and for all the info about the FQS foundation papers.

Pam D

I read you blog faithfully but only rarely comment. When I cared for my mom and didn't have much sewing time, I "sewed" vicariously through you. I always enjoy your take on tools and techniques too. You have me excited for piecing this quilt but alas have too many projects in the works. Looking forward to following your progress on this one!

Rebecca T

Hello, I just recently 'found' your blog and I so enjoy reading your entries. I have tried paper piecing in the past and, let's say, it is not for me! I will enjoy watching your project come together and I love your fabric choice!


Still here! Yours is the only blog I still read. I have done foundation paper piecing and love the results. I have too many projects I am in the middle of right now to start another one - ops. LOL. I need to get some finished and that is my goal for the next few months. Maybe one day I will have everything done and only working on one project at a time. Ya, that will never happen. :-)


I follow your blog everyday. You have such a wonderful style of writing. I haven’t done much paper piecing but, would like to do more. I am currently working on donating baby quilts to the NICU of our hospital.

Linda Enneking

I read your blog every day. I enjoy reading about your quilting projects and also the recipes you try. I especially like seeing photos of your quilts on display in your home. I have never done any foundation piecing. I remember once a lady who worked in a quilt shop told me "give me five minutes and I'll show you how" to do it. We recently moved into a condo and I've been busy sorting through things and trying to get organized. Downsizing is hard but I am not going to let it affect my fabric stash. I hope to get back to sewing regularly real soon.


I read and enjoy your blog everyday. I love foundation paper piecing! I have worked on several projects and really enjoy how perfect the blocks end up looking. I’ve also tried freezer paper foundation piecing which is nice because there is no paper to remove.


I really like how perfect blocks are with paper piecing. I just started doing it this year. I am doing the same quilt along as you, but using my stash.


I read your blog every day. Often it motivates me to sew my own projects. I have bought and used several items, books and patterns that you use. I have even read some of the books you review. Most of all, I feel inspired by your blog! Keep at it! We are out here!

Anita K

I love your blog! Not sure I'm the Anita you mentioned, but it sure was fun seeing my name. I was wondering what you have taped down on your sewing machine bed? Thank you so much in advance. And by the way, your pup is adorable!! Be careful he doesn't steal the show.😉♥️


Hello Nicole, as you can see you have quite a few “lurkers” out there in blog land, and I am one of them. I read you faithfully just haven’t commented more than a few times. I love paper piecing but don’t think I will be doing this quilt along - the pattern just doesn’t call out to me. Of course I might change my mind when I see your progress.


Still here! Paper piecing isn't my favourite, although I have done some.
I do have issues with your emails because they go to the junk folder every time. I've ticked "not junk", "never block sender", "never block senders domain and mailing list" - yet still it goes in that file. I'm on it now - I just flip it into the in-box. Yours isn't the only one that happens to - sometimes my husband's mail does that. I just have a pernickety in-box, stupid microsoft as it only happened since they changed to making the links go to their own browser instead of and overriding the one I use.
Anyway I do read all your posts, may not comment though. All's well Archie, you lovely boy!

Nancy Watkins

Nancy reads your blog! 😊 I am not sure why I rarely comment but I love your blog. I have never tried paper piecing but might get brave enough to try it one day.


Discovered your blog a few years ago and have been a faithful reader ever since but have never commented. I will try to do better so you don't feel like you are talking to yourself all the time. haha I enjoy all the little glimpses into your life, have tried some recipes and keep your book reviews to help me choose my Daughter's Christmas book. You inspire me with all things quilting as well and though I don't think paper piecing is my thing I love looking at your progress.

Jane R

I just bought foundation papers for Wensleydale, which is a Jen Kingwell pattern in her book Quilt Recipes. I’ve done foundation piecing before and it really does help with accuracy. Going to follow your lead and starch all the fabrics before starting!


We are here, we are here, we are here! Just trying to NOT start more beautiful projects!


Good Morning Nicole, I'm still out here, I enjoy your blog posts with my coffee every morning. Thanks for blogging about this sew along, I was not aware of it. I think the pattern would be great for my annual hometown library raffle quilt, they like big quilts and if I use the 12" papers the quilt will finish at 88" x 88", a monster. I'm thinking of using my Minick and Simpson stash for the fabric. I was tempted to go with the Bunny Hill fabric but not sure the blue would appeal to the masses for a raffle quilt. M & S will give me the blues and I can add some tans and reds. I love paper piecing, the blocks always turn out perfect. I have square in a square papers and always use them when piecing those blocks.

Sherri C.

I read your blog every day and no I don't do paper piecing. Right now I'm all about charity quilts as my "kids" don't want/need more quilts. Trying to sew up my stash which is plenty big.
Love Archie!!

Peggy A Barcelona

I'm here, I love your blog. Archie is adorable, I love hearing about him and I especially love your book reviews (isn't it about time for one???? LOL) I have discovered many good books that I wouldn't have picked for myself by reading your reviews. Thanks for all the great entertainment and info you provide!


I’m one of the lurkers. Occasionally comment on your book reviews. Love those.
I have paper pieced for years. Ever heard of Granniies Nannies. I think they were from early 90s. I rarely use paper now.
Love your blog and look for it every day.

Kathi Kittle

I always read your blog faithfully. It’s the only one I do read! It is so interesting and helpful! I had trouble once sending you a comment, so haven’t tried again since. But please know how much I appreciate the time you put into such an informative and fun blog.
I bought the same fat eighth bundle of the blues you posted about yesterday. I’m not doing the paper piecing quilt though. I’m intimidated by it!

Linda K. Smith

The first pattern I pieced was a New York Beauty. It took a while for me to get the hang of it but it's the only way to go for me to piece that pattern. I find that when I haven't done it in a while, it takes a bit to get up to speed again but I really like the precision it provides.


Yoo-hoo! Hi! It’s me. I follow you every time you post, honest, I’m just no good at commenting. I’ve done paper piecing a number of times (and will again in the future), but it can be very frustrating. In the end, though, the results are always worth it. You can see my most ambitious project on Instagram if you like. I’m nalderman47. The quilt was pictured on July 25, 2017. I’m not prepared to try anything that complex again, but I’ll go for easier blocks!


I follow a few blogs, but yours is one of my favorites. I am amazed with how much piecing you get done but it is always a motivator for me! Thank you for inviting all of us into your life.

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