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October 12, 2023


Dona Zarosinski

Ohhhh…you’re a nice nice lady!!! Whew. Big project and congrats on the zippers…I share your phobia.

Kerry L.

Wow! Nicole you have outdone yourself and I am impressed! Would you consider a tutorial on how to this? Please!


I'd love a tutorial too! I spent a fortune on new cushions for our patio furniture last year and hope not to have to repeat it anytime soon.

What a nice thing for you to do.


I'm so impressed with the job you did matching those stripes! Not something I would have been able to do or at least want to attempt!


They look great! Gosh, I would not know where to begin making these. I am an only quilts sewist, for sure:) Bravo!!


love it! your husband is defiantly a "give a moose a muffin" type guy. i can so relate!!

Mary Kastner

They look fabulous!
Great job!


That fabric is so outdoorsy looking! You've done a terrific job on the cushions! Be sure to show us the tasting room cushions when they're finished!


Tutorial please


Of course - those look fantastic! I remember when you made the seashell/starfish patterned ones. :)

And yes, we would love to see the finished cushions in the tasting room when those are done.


Aha. Smart man for asking for only 1 project at a time...😉

Verna Brown

I was going to throw mine out. A tutorial would help.


1) lol @ My son-in-law bought enough upholstery fabric to recover the patio furniture for everyone in the housing development

2) he bought stripes!

3) I remember that blue and white starfish fabric from 7 yrs ago but I can't remember where I set down my keys? seriously.

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