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October 27, 2023



That quilt is awesome!!! So glad it's # in the queue finally came up as it deserves to be seen. Great job and soon all the time binding will just be a memory. Enjoy the process.


That is a lot of binding, but I love to handstitch my binding. It is a relaxing, fulfilling part of any of my quilts projects. Lovely quilt, enjoy!

sue s

I really like this one! So glad you can enjoy it this season. I enjoy hand sewing the binding. I can easily watch the Tube or listen to a game while I work. I do machine bind wallhangings and donation quilts though.

Rebecca T

Wow - great quilt. I enjoy the hand stitching for the binding, so I hope you enjoy this process as well. Oh, that Harry Potter photo is to die for!! Love it!!

Fran from Dubuque,Iowa

That quilt is beautiful, gorgeous, exceptional, well done, and wow. It is beyond what could do. Enjoy it.

Kerry L

Love, love this quilt!! You did a beautiful job Nicole! I wish they would reprint this pattern. Are you having your family Halloween party this year? Hopefully you will have some cozy stitching time by a fire this weekend!


I’ve always loved that quilt. Didn’t you do it as a see along with Thelma??

I think I have 18 tops waiting to be quilted.



What a wonderful quilt and now you get to enjoy it!


That quilt is one my favorites that you've made over the years! I'm so happy to see that you've finished it & it's ready to be used. As so many of your readers have commented, I enjoy the hand sewing portion of binding, too.


What a great quilt!!! I miss Blackbird Designs.


I remember that quilt...there's that vintage Halloween orange I like so much. ;p

I gave a quilt to the quilter last weekend that I had made in a sew-a-long on IG. it was called 'nested churn dash' by an Aussie designer. I had to search my IG posts to figure out when I had made it. it.was.2014. 9 yrs ago! ugh.


I love it! Press on - you'll be so thrilled when it's finished!🥰

Pamela Dempsey

Such a cute witch photo of you and I love the quilt!!! 🎃

Sandra Clarke

Great.quilt!! I love Halloween quilts & other decor!!

Debbie Martin

This is a fantastic quilt. Wish I would have gotten a kit years ago !


Love this quilt! Such a great job with it!

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