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October 26, 2023



I make a lot of small scrap quilts with just pulling things from the fabric bins. I usually don't coordinate anything - just pull what I like and hope for a good look. I actually think some of the mini blocks I make don't really look all that great. But when they are sewn together with the others, they somehow seem to blend in. I like my quilts to look like they truly come from an old scrap bag.

T Holzer

I love that you are going with your insticts and taking out the brighter oranges. I so often don't listen to my inner gut for some ridiculous reason and then regret it later, so kudos to you for doing this now! I'll take your advice and apply this to my own quilting, too. I do like the softer fabric choices.


When I am choosing colors for a quilt from my stash, I pull out whatever colors I am looking for and put them in a pile. I walk away and come back later. If a particular piece stands out in not a good way, I take it out.


If you hadn't changed to the softer rust you wouldn't have been happy/had a UFO you weren't motivated to finish. It's a better plan to re-do the bright oranges, but maybe save the ones you have for a future Halloween quilt for Eva?

Lisa D.

I like the softer colors and especially if it makes you happier with the finished product! A shame about that perfectly paper pieced star, but now you can make another one and further perfect your skills!


yep. I've done that but I have to say I love that vintage Halloween orange. ;p put it in the orphan box.

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