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October 31, 2023



Happy be on your prayer team. I will remember him in my morning prayer time. What’s his first name? It’s nice to insert his name in my prayer. God bless all.

Nancy B

God give your family strength and comfort. Prayers for your nephew and wisdom for his medical team.


Praying— my heart is with you all.


Praying for peace, comfort and healing.


Prayers for a speedy recovery for your nephew and strength for your family.


I, too, know that prayers get answered, and I am praying for you nephew and all your family.

Lisa D.

Praying for your nephew, Nicole. Sending healing thoughts out into the universe for his swift and complete recovery.

Taria wilson

Keeping your nephew and your family in our prayers.


Your nephew & family & his medical team are in my prayers at this difficult time. 🙏🙏


I'll certainly pray for your nephew and all those who love him, I'm sure there are very many people over the entire earth who always include those who are suffering, no matter where or who they are, so be assured your nephew will be included in many thousands of prayers by good people everywhere. I trust you feel love and comfort from everyone around you and your nephew makes a good recovery. Elaine in UK


My morning prayer has included your nephew and all of your family. I very much believe in the power of prayer.


Lifting up your nephew and your family in prayer for healing, comfort and peace.

Arrowhead Gramma

Prayers for your nephew and all of your family as you travel this journey with him. Praying that he will feel God's healing hand and be comforted by this in the days ahead. The power of prayer is real and I speak from personal experience.

sue s

I'm praying right now Nicole.

Mary Truax


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love and prayers for your dear nephew.


Prayers ascending for your nephew, his family and the doctors who are taking care of him. Could you share his first name so I can pray a little more personally for him? Thanks. Love to you.


Yes, will keep your nephew and family in my prayers.




Wishing your nephew a speedy recovery.


Praying for your nephew!

Ruth Tacoma

Praying for your nephew!

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