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November 14, 2023


Nancy B

Archie I love that you are so sensible and stylish in your mackintosh!! Glad you are feeling better!

sue s

You were right- a nice smile to start the day. When we lived in Minnesota through 3 of the coldest years ever, our Norwegian Elkhound (think husky-type) had surgery on his back. This required shaving off most of his thick, double-coated back fur. That winter we had to have him wear a thick jacket outside. He didn't complain, but the quizzical looks we got from others who saw him were fun!
Glad to see you are feeling better.


Archie is so patient and cute! You know I like to do what you do, so YES-- I copied and have had a super nasty cold. I'm a couple days behind you. Enjoying having dinner made for me as well. Going to have to own up that I am starting to feel better as well. xoxo

Marie Woodhouse

Your new block is lovely! I like high contrast also, it makes for a stunning quilt. Archie is very dapper in his new rain coat. Our pets personalities make our days brighter & I am glad to hear that you are feeling much better.


Your Blockheads star block is perfection! That's going to be a great looking table topper! Archie could double as a crossing guard's assistant wearing that jacket. Have you got the dog booties to go with it? Gotta keep those paws dry, too! 🐶




Love your blocks and what a good dog! Such a sweetie to let you dress him up and too funny your husband bought it for him!

Christine Cole

Love your blocks and fabrics and I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Archie cracks me up. We put a similar get-up on our Westie last week and he kept lifting his back legs off of the floor and trying to walk on just his front legs. He was not a fan!


Oh my goodness! Archie is THE classiest doggie!😍 I love his rain gear and what a good doggie Dad to think of a raincoat! Thanks for sharing - it made my day!!

Dona Zarosinski

Glad you are feeling better!

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