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November 01, 2023



Such good news about your nephew. I will continue praying for him and your family. We only had 16 trick or treaters last night - there were snow flurries in the air, so that may have had something to do with a low turnout, except that we’ve been getting fewer and fewer as the neighborhood ages.

Nancy Watkins

So happy to hear the good news about your nephew. Prayers DO help! Such a cute picture of your granddaughter and Little Winston. Keep on sewing Nicole, everything looks great!

Diane Linford

So glad to hear about your nephew. I’ll continue to pray. We only had 4 knocks on our door last night. We live on a corner of a hilly area. It seems like everything is uphill from here.

Kathy Czuprynski

I’m so glad your nephew is doing better. My prayers have been for you and your family.

T Holzer

Bats and Boos is a very cool quilt! And that center block...oh my!! I missed the original post on your nephew and I'll definitely include him in my prayers, Nicole. Today's job list includes finalizing my next quilt and cleaning off my sewing table so wish me luck lol!!


Continued prayers for your nephew.
Our downtown hosts trick or treat and a church hosts trunk or treat. Our neighborhood gets very few. A couple in my daughters street is very generous so the whole street has a ton.


What a positive post! Happy Halloween and Happy news about prayers helping nephew.


Such wonderful news about your nephew! I will continue to pray for him. We do not get any trick or treaters in our neighborhood. We used to buy a bag of candy just in case, but now I don't have that around tempting me!

Mary Kastner

Very good news about your nephew. Sounds like your Halloween was a success,


That's wonderful news about your nephew. The update sounds very hopeful. Prayers that he continues to improve. It looks like Eva & Winston had a fun Halloween together! And, that the adults got some treats, too! Cute quilt--congrats on the finish!


Good news about your nephew. We live in a senior park, so no trick-or-treating. Sunday we participated at our church's preschool trunk or treat. It was so much fun seeing all of the littles.


Good news about your nephew! Love your quilt, Eva and the fact that there is wine pouring while trick or treating 😍


So thankful for the good news about your nephew! Praying for a full recovery and wisdom and discernment for the doctors and all who are giving him care! Love the pic of Eva with pumpkins and Winston 🎃

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