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November 15, 2023



Love your blocks! I have received several block of the month from quilt spot and love their color guide of fabrics used in each month and generous fabrics. Most I have finished but still have one not started.
A French general pattern nearly did me in. I don’t like working with 1/8ths! It did look great finished though😊


The Quilt Spot did tempt me, but I have too many UFOs!


Never heard of The Quilt Spot. I will have to check them out. Your blocks look great!


Your new ironing table cover makes a good background for photos of completed blocks! I'm going to take a peek at Quilt Spot's website. In case the commenter above hasn't used Itty Bitty Eighths rulers I wanted to mention that they've been very helpful in my trimming.


love those blocks. the pattern cover does not do that quilt justice.

also, what Jan said...those bitty eighth rulers are wonderful.

new tool? i'll be back....


Making blocks slightly larger and trimming down is such a stress reliever for me! Less fuss, more fun. I don’t always work that way, but it’s nice when patterns are set up like that — or when it’s easy to figure out the larger measurements myself!


Thanks for the recommendations of the rulers for 1/8ths. I will try it.

Lisa D.

Thanks (I think!) for sharing The Quilt Spot - they have so many choices for blocks of the month. I've never seen so many offerings from one shop.


So glad you gave the Quilt Spot a shout out! She is lovely, has a local shop, does great things! She pivoted from mostly brick and mortal to more virtual, but her shop fabric is delightfully curated.

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