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November 02, 2023



With all the rulers and methods you try I don't think you've ever mentioned the SNS method using Judy (I think) Barrows ruler. I always use that for square in a square. Some people don't like the waste but I don't is accurate.

Ruth Tacoma

So thankful for the recovery your nephew has had so far. I'll continue to pray for him and your family in the days ahead.


Could you just draw the 2” unit on graph paper and use that for a foundation paper? Glad about your nephew. Will keep praying.

Lisa D.

Your block looks perfect! I'm so happy to hear your nephew is awake. I hope that he continues to improve with each day.

T Holzer

I'm glad to hear about your nephew's continued improvement. What is the background fabric in your block and am I able to still get some of it for my pending project that I have on my sewing table? TIA!


Did you see Sherry McConnell of a quilting life? She posted tips for the square in a square. I could not access the Block 8 pattern to compare differences.
Good news on the nephew. Hugs and prayers.


So happy to hear your nephew is doing better. Prayers continue!

Stephani in N. TX

Love your continued output of blocks and quilt catch-ups. You are very productive in the sewing department Glad to hear your nephew is improving. Such a big step to have his breathing tube removed. Nothing like touch and movement to measure health. Prayers and good wishes for continued improvement.


That's great news about your nephew's progress! It's going to take baby steps, but it sounds like he's on his way to recovery. Continued prayers for him as he begins his way back to good health.
I swear by Doug Leko's simple folded corner rulers, so that would be the only suggestion I can offer. I know you'll figure it out!


Do you have the computer program EQ? I make my own foundation paper using that all the time, so I can make whatever size I want. I print them onto newsprint drawing paper. My next idea is to draw it onto graph paper and use that as your foundation, as Carol suggested.


I'm so happy your nephew is continuing on the road to recovery! A prayer for him every day.
I really like that block too, but my first thought was, "oh, looks difficult"! I know you will get it just right though.

Arrowhead Gramma

Wonderful news to hear your nephew is improving. Prayers are continuing for him and we know that our prayers are being heard.

Good luck with your next attempt with your block works. Isn't quilting suppose to be fun???


omg! I am so happy for you and your family. such a young man to suffer such a horrible event. I hope he continues to improve.


So glad to hear that your nephew is doing better! Continued prayers for his full recovery.


Happy to hear your nephew is doing better! It’s so hard when someone so young is ill and no explanation or warning. Hope he continues to improve! Love your block and foundation piecing for sure would be the way to go!


So look what I found while checking out the petit four quilt along They have all sizes for square in a square


Oops my link didn’t work, but it’s fat quarter shop 1 1/2” square in a square, 2” unfinished

sue s

So glad to hear about your nephew!! It took me a long time to figure out Doug Leko's ruler but now I love it. I always do the oversize- not much waste, and always keep the directions right there in front of me!

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