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November 03, 2023



You gave it your best shot(s) so please don't be hard on yourself! I would have stopped after the first block attempt! That's encouraging news for your nephew as he continues his recovery. He has lots of people sending up prayers on his behalf. Have a good weekend!


Sometimes we struggle to learn.
Quilter’s Paradise website has lots of calculators including one for square in a square. Square in a squares are tough because odd sizes are involved.
I tend to use a Folded Corner Clipper to lop off the excess before I sew.
I mark a stitch line on my sewing table. I never draw lines on fabric.
Maybe I'll dig out Angler 2 or one of the others that I have!
Thanks for provoking thinking.


Just the best news about your nephew. The staff always pulls a little extra harder for the young ones who have encountered tough breaks. Co ti yes prayers.

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