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December 21, 2023


Pamela Dempsey

Sounds like delicious to me! I would take a night off too 😻

Mary M

Everything looks delicious! The bread is quite impressive. I wish I had your skills in the kitchen (and so does my family.) 😃
What wonderful memories 🌲


The bread is...well...huge! Was that an on purpose thing? I'm guessing along with all of the cooking there's a lot of laughter! This is truly how 'making memories' happens. Enjoy your time together!


Oooh, the bacon quiche looks yummy! What is the brand of your bread machine, and would you recommend it?


It all looks so good! I have been wanting to try my pasta Kitchen-Aid attachment for quite awhile now. I should plan for something just after the New Year!


tis the season to eat glorious food and enjoy good company. I'm trying a new dish tonight, chicken enchiladas.


It all looks wonderful and delicious.

I am absolutely stealing Ahren's "emergency chocolate bar break" !!


I am going to have to try the bacon quiche next week. Looks yummy! Bought my husband a Phillips pasta maker for Christmas. Can't wait to try it out. What type of bread maker do you have? Do you like it? Enjoy your holiday!

T Holzer

Now that's a loaf of bread!

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