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January 18, 2024


Nancy W

Love your blocks! The use of plaid is great. Every time I bake cookies I am going to think about your disaster now, Glad you were able to eat them but do not envy your oven cleanup.

Joan S

Oh my goodness, Nicole, I had the same parchment disaster happen twice while baking Christmas cookies. It was a huge mess and I couldn't believe it happened twice. From now on, I am only using rimmed cookie sheets!


Poor Eva, I find the parchment is very slippery too It sounds crazy but I bought some cheap binder clips and use them to keep my parchment on the pan.
Love the winter blocks, I seem to be drawn to blue and snowmen!

sue s

Look at those pretty blocks! It really shows how fabric placement can change the look. I have not used parchment with cookies; sounds like it's a challenge!


Nothing quite like the cheesecake disaster you had in Salinas. Now, THAT was a mess!


Your blocks turned out great! I especially like the plaid on the larger one. And, give Susan an award 🏆 for her genius binder clip idea to keep parchment paper in place! I'm definitely going to do it! 🍪🍪


1) I want to hear about the cheesecake disaster. please?

2) I've used baking soda and water to make a paste to clean my oven. it's mild but it is a pain to get all the baking soda up.

3) I agree with you on that border. it will be a beautiful winter quilt. lots of work but worth it.

4) at least the dough didn't land on the floor where Archie could gobble it up? my dog is fast and he would beat me to that mess every time. he shadows me hoping I'll drop something. ;p


I remember the tale of your cheesecake disaster, LOL! And now Eva will be all the more careful since learning that very valuable lesson. I'm glad that most of the cookies were saved.

Your blocks are absolutely perfect, as usual! And I agree that the longer sides will fit the bed more completely.

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