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February 01, 2024



Great post!! I am assuming some of these women with their 'new things' are young and don't know what's already been done. I was told about a younger-than-me quilter promoting something on YouTube. She's mentioned that she cuts nine FQ's at a time with a 45mm blade. Um, isn't there some shifting going on there? Well, as long as the art continues, I'm happy they are quilting and making money at it.


Yep. Amazon is smarter than us. Oh, Peakie and Spike!
I use what I have acquired over the years. It seems ever quilter has a notion. I will say I have found the Stripology rulers to be workhorses. GEDesigns comes up with ingenious methods. My new favorite way to make HSTs is in her latest book. Pressed flat with no dog ears to trim. Keep on quilting.


I do like a helpful ruler but I’ve started double checking before buying. I, too, have discovered a couple of times that I forgot that I already had a ruler. And, cutting NINE layers of fabric?? That can’t be very accurate!😳

sue s

I watched a video with the seam guidelines and it doesn't work for me because I pin, pin, pin to get my needed accuracy, and as you say Nicole, it sticks up. Same with the diagonal seams. Any of those tools that stick up won't work. I use the seam tape from Cluck Cluck Sew and move my needle as needed.


Hello! I love the peak and spike blocks, and own the rulers. Use them occasionally.
I have gadgets/rulers, I bought maybe I used them, maybe I didn't, many I tried, and didn't like...wish we coukd all gather at your house with things we no longer want, and swap them out, right?
I am not in the mood to buy any more like this, especially for just one block or quilt...I figure out a different way, or pass
thank you for another great newsletter Bev


1) see? I'm not the only one who reads the comments...Jan.

2) Beverly has a great idea. do a swap of things we don't want or need for things we do want or need.

3) duplicate patterns are what get me every time. I had to really dig through patterns to find my Penny Pincher pattern. I love how yours turned out. I was going to buy it again.

4) Tennessee Waltz is one I want to make one day.

Have a great weekend! Ina from Peru

Jill Matyastik

I remember Peaky and Spike! I may have fallen in love with something a little off the beaten track way back when- have the templates and Doreen’s book too. She was quite a character riding her motorcycle :)


Oh boy do I ever remember Peaky and Spike! I was lucky enough to take a weekend long workshop with her back in the day. What a fun loving and talented quilter she was! I also have her templates and book. And I have the tri recs rulers. You have got me motivated to use some of my specialty rulers(and I have lots:)

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