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January 03, 2024


Mary M

I loved Winter Solstice and The Shell Seekers, also by Rosamond Pilcher. Winter Solstice made me want to pick up and move to a small village in Scotland. One change I made in selecting books last year was to not read a book just because it ws a Hello Sunshine selection. (I’m following you one Goodreads which is partly responsible for my to read list growing exponentially 😊)


I always love and appreciate your book recommendations. I am currently listening to the audible version of Frozen River and have read/listened to 5 others on your list. I agree with you about Frozen River. It is so well written and I am enjoying the strong female character as well as the historical perspective. I will look forward to your runners up.


That you read or listened to 146 books in a year is amazing! And, thank you for spending time compiling thoughtful comprehensive lists for your blog readers to use & trust that it's reliable information. Cheers to another year enjoying books in 2024!


I always look forward to your reading posts and have made many of my book choices based on your reviews. I would love to know how/where you find your books, as so many of them are unfamiliar to me.

T Holzer need to stop writing these posts lol! I just finished The Shell Seekers (surely on your recommendation??) and now reading The Frozen River. Now I need to add "September" after reading this post!! You cost me money haha!! Thanks so much and I really do appreciate your book posts!

T Holzer

and I left out that I've bought five of the other books from today's post!

Joan S

I love Rosamund Pilcher's writing!
I always look forward to your book reviews. Thank you so much for sharing your opinions!
Happy New Year, Nicole!


Love all your recommendations, only wish I could read as fast as you!

Barbara Groeschell

Books, quilts, food and family. Love your blog!!

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