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March 07, 2024



What a beautiful job you did on the first one! The first is usually the prototype and the worst looking of the bunch. I'm high-fiving you. I hope the rest go smoothly and that he rewards you handsomely. lol

Debi Bacon

Agree that it is great. Make him pay you in wine!


Looks like you have quite the project to complete! The first cushion looks great. Thank goodness for YouTube videos! Finding the right one can be a challenge sometimes. Good luck, hope all goes smoothly!

sue s

Ah, the things we do for love... 16! You are off to a good start. There certainly are a lot of amateur Youtubes out there!


And, you're matching the stripes on every.single.cushion??? You're already a quilting, cooking/baking, reading rock star & now upholsterer! That zipper puts the covers on a whole other level! Great job!

Nancy B

Oh you are brave. Sixteen - with the matching stripes... GAH!! I do alot of quick upholstery jobs that are not so perfect. Theater set dressing... change out cushions or pillows on the same piece of furniture, different show... I'm glad I don't have to do something quite as meticulous as this. You can hide a LOT on stage!! LOL YOU have fun with this. You should celebrate when you're done!!


1) omg!!! I remember those electric carving knives!

2) I hate when I have to start all over again on any project because I can't remember how/what I was doing. You are a good mom-in-law.

3) youtube can be great and it can be frustrating. I hit 'subscribe' whenever I find a good tutorial so then I can easily find it next time.

4) I'm with Nancy: STRIPES?! YIKES!!! also, Debi: payment in wine...but don't touch until you put the tools away. ;p

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