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March 18, 2024



Eva - what a gem!

Just a question and not a criticism - You have pieced beautiful quilts for years and always inspire me. Because of your skill in piecing, do you need to starch now? I have never starched fabric and see that my piecing is pretty much spot on. For me, I'm at the point in my life that I don't stress over a point that maybe lobbed off or a seamline that is 1/16" off. But for the most part, my piecing is spot on. Just a thought. I do love your reviews of tools that make piecing and trimming more accurate!


Congratulations 🎉 to Eva on the sales! Love her costume 😍

I love your rabbit hole post - and how you changed up the pattern to fix a problem. I so appreciate when you share in detail how things progress for you - it helps me rethink things when I hit a problem. Kudos to you and I love your choice of fabrics.

Nothing wrong with starting a new project - we quilt for fun and relaxation 😊


I knew the blocks at the top of your post looked familiar. Well, I made a quilt using the Jubilee pattern and fabric from a Fig Tree line some years ago. It is a great block, with the added benefit of going together fast.

Kerry L

Good for you Nicole for following your creative heart! I think that’s why you produce so much quilting. As always Eva is a cutie!

sue s

I've seen lots of comments over the years about the shrinking pre-cuts. Your personal experience will be really helpful to your readers, but I'm sorry it happened to you. Great recovery though! I like this block a lot.


Love the fabrics you are using to make these beautiful blocks. Even though you have several quilt WIPS, sometimes fresh and new is needed. Happy quilting! Congratulations to Eva for her superb salesmanship! Good job!


The light & airy colors in the first photo caught my attention immediately! Good for you solving the shrinking problem plus you made great headway on the new project. Eva & her friend look like they're enjoying the parade on a beautiful day! Congratulations to her on selling so many cookies! 🎊🎊


o.m.g. 670 boxes. rabbit holes? yes, I've gone down a rabbit hole many times.

I'm currently living in one that is appliqued hearts by Laundry Basket Quilts. I just wanted something to work on in the evening as a distraction.


Of course, your bright and cheery blocks are perfection. "Just what the doctor ordered!"

Congrats to Eva for selling so many cookies. That must be a record!!

Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

I love the Irish chain tutorial and the Summer in Kansas quilt! Would love to make both of them. Eva and her friend look too cute and happy😻🥰

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