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March 19, 2024



Eva's cupcakes look so delicious! I believe she's learning so much from you after noticing that some of them don't have sprinkles...kind of like some people not liking raisins in the soda bread. Archie's new 'do is adorable, but how could you go wrong with that face?


It sounds like you had a very nice St Patrick’s Day dinner. I didn’t realize that Irish Soda Bread was so easy, I thought it was a more complicated process. Archie is very handsome and Eva’s cupcakes were the perfect dessert. ☘️

Sherri C

That puppy is adorable!

Kerry L

Very cute pictures of both Eva and Archie!!! Jan is right in her comment that Eva is learning a lot from you concerning baking and presentation! What a lovely gift you have given her. My family was unable to father this weekend so I’m tackling colcannon soup this coming Sunday and Irish soda bread. I agree that Sally’s Baking Addiction is a very reliable source!


we didn't get baking Tuesday last week. the cupcakes make up for that. Have you finished all the GS cookies yet? I was craving the mint ones last night. ;p

was archie invited to the party or is it too much chaos when the dogs get together? I took my beast for a bath yesterday and now he is molting. I will be doing serious brushing today.


Oh my, Archie is so cute! And so is Eva! She made such tasty looking cupcakes. I agree that she is learning so much from you as far as baking/entertaining.

grace thorne

i make it a lot simply because it's good and easy recipe came from the boston globe cookbook and plenty of good irish cooks in boston!

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