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March 08, 2024



The people asking to purchase must be new to your blog? You have never offered anyone anything to purchase. I know because I've followed you for years. You always give the link to a purchase.

As far as your cushions, I'm sure your workmanship is much better than those being mass produced in a foreign country. We are own own worst critics; don't you agree?


The cushions are absolutely BEAUTIFUL 🤩 you did a wonderful job - you should be very proud!

As far as you selling anything? Been following you for a long time and you've never offered to sell anything! I do appreciate all the links you share.


I think people just assume. Blog = money.

Also, in general, people can be lazy readers.

I do not think it’s anything you have said/done.



I buy all my foam/cushions from a local upholstery shop.

The density is very very thick/strong/good. There is no comparison between what I get from him and what a store/JoAnns sells.

He has a huge variety of thicknesses and density. He cuts to exact sizes for me.

Supports local business.

I use this for dog beds, window seat cushions, ottoman we made from scratch.


sue s

Great job on the cushions! It's smart to take breaks from the work too, so waiting for more gives you a chance to do something else- like the bunnies?!!
I wonder if people ask because you often show changes you have made to patterns, and are willing to share new notions and things you find. I don't know- I agree with the others that I've never thought of you as a pattern seller, merely a good quilt maker!


I can’t figure out why someone would think that you sold patterns, I’ve followed and enjoyed your blog for years and I’ve never noticed anything that would lead one to think that. Your cushions are beautiful, nicely done! Have a good weekend!

Kathy Czuprynski

I don’t know why they think you sell things! But I will admit that I have quite a few patterns that I have bought after reading your blog!


There is no question that you do not sell items on this blog. I love your new purchases! Have a great weekend


I’m fairly certain that those 3 requests were bots on phishing expeditions! I’m not devious enough to know exactly how it would work, but I’ve seen those comments/requests elsewhere and think this is the reason. I think of it like those emails and texts I receive that tell me they’re trying to send me money but need my account information to transfer it to me!

Linda K. Smith

Your cushion turned out so professional looking. Great job. You're son-in-law is lucky to have you!


Your cushions are very professionally made! They'll be so inviting on the patio at the winery! As to the selling of always state that you 'bought' a kit, fabric, group sew-along membership etc. The same for quilting tools, books & clothing finds. I've read your blog since long before Eva was born & I've never had the impression that you were selling anything. It's more like getting together with like-minded friends following your blog & comments from other readers! PS I think Suzanne may be spot on about bots making those pattern requests...ignore them!!


needle minder rabbit hole? try the enamel pin rabbit hole. or, the fun button hole. I went down both those holes a few years ago and purchased some very fun things!

I'm with Kathy C. I've bought a LOT of patterns after seeing your beautiful work! I've bought some cool tools after reading your blog.


If you ever make larger, thicker cushions and are wondering how you are going to get the cover over them, place the foam in a large garbage bag, get your vacuum cleaner that hopefully has a hose. Wrap the opening of the bag around the end of the hose as tightly as possible. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and the foam will shrink so you can slide the cover over it easily. Turn the vacuum off and it go back to the original size. Then reach into the cover opening and tear the bag off. Several years ago I made window seat cushions that were fairly large and did this. Worked out great. Just a thought in case you get asked to make more! Your cushions look great.


I definitely have gone down the needle minder rabbit hole. I have between 20 -30. I do counted cross stitch, embroidery, wool work and quilting. I have them in all of my sewing bags and I have a metal display tray with many of them on my sewing room wall. The seasonal ones are especially fun.

Kerry L

Your cushions are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to make some but have been too chicken! Thanks for all your tips and video! Glad you didn’t get snowed in!

Carol in Texas

Nicole, your cushions look GREAT! I like the fabric choice. Needle minders are used a lot by crossstitchers. They attach them to the piece of linen or Aida, etc. they’re stitching on and park their needles there between stitching periods. Crossstitch has had a HUGE revival during the Pandemic, and Fat Quarter Shop is big into it. On You Tube, Flosstubes are videos made by stitchers showing what they’re working on and what they’ve purchased. Talk about a rabbit hole! I’ve fallen into it big time! But I don’t use needle minders. But the description of the way you will use one is pretty clever!


Oh, no, not another rabbit hole! Can I ask what you do with the boxes after you start/finish a project? They are so pretty, and I know you will have wonderful ideas of how to re-use them.

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