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March 04, 2024



Well now I'll be going down the Jessica Dayon rabbit hole!


Love everything you do. Did you start a flower basket quilt a couple of years ago— if you did, will you pull it out again at some point?


I certainly love the variety of blocks you’ve made, no time to get bored sewing all of these! I love traditional piecing.


You're definitely not going to be bored with all of those projects in front of you! The Jessica Dayon block caught my eye right away. I'm off to find out about her work next. Stay dry...much better than having to shovel snow & deal with walking on ice! ☔️


hey, that's the 1st time i've seen Etoile Rouge blocks. you've been hiding that beauty from us.

I've pretty much used up all of my FG yardage. I just have scraps left. However, I have like 10 charm packs of various lines and a plan but no time to sew. ugh. it's always something...

it is clear and sunny here today. while my husband is steam cleaning the kitchen floor I will be taking the dog for a bath. he is over due.


I'm glad you didn't get the Snowmageddon after all. Probably the actual higher elevation mountaintops did, and hopefully that will help the snow-pack.

Your blocks are all beautiful, and the marketplace ones are so cheery and colorful!


OOOOOPS !! The correct name for your blocks is Mercantile, not Marketplace! Ha ha ha!

sue s

The bakeshop quilt is looking good. The last one I did I ended up subbing in several blocks too. I did Jessica Dayon's Little Village House SAL during the pandemic, planning a house for every month we were in precautions.(Little did I know...) I stopped at 24 and it's time to put that one together! Glad you mentioned her.


There actually is a free sewing guide for the Mercantile blocks. Instructions for each block can be printed out. I think it is 20 plus pages and may be on Riley Blake website.

Wendy Ouellette

I kept waiting for an update on your blog and it kept saying your last post was 5 months ago.You are in my list of blogs I follow and I was sad to see you were not posting anymore(supposedly)
so glad I went and checked anyway. I noticed on other bloggers line ups that it says 5 months as well. Just wanted you to know so maybe you can look into it. Love your new book choices!

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