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April 29, 2024



Yup! I was gifted one of the larger boxes & keep it on my ironing station to hold small scissors, pressing cloths, Best Press spray bottles & some other quick-to-grab items. I haven't made any, but I can see that they're pretty easy & fun to do! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the reminder of these little fabric bins. I’ve made a few in the past but have forgotten about them. A quick and easy gift filled with little goodies. Perfect for May Day!

Sue Slater

Once more your blog helped me solve a problem. I wanted to quilt a serpentine stitch on a Bernina 153 and Mr. Google took me to your blog from 2013. You saved the day and thank you.


um, your larger one is just adorable! hope you are all packed....I'm still waiting by the mailbox for that beautiful blue sweater. ;p

excited for you!


These are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial link. They look quite simple. Fun idea for gifting a wide variety of things!


Those fabric boxes are so cute. Thank you for sharing and will need to make a few.

Sandra Clarke

Thanks for the post about the darling boxes. I plan to make a couple!! Have a great time in Ireland & Scotland!!

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