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April 05, 2024



Your block is very precise & I agree there is more than one way to reach the same results. I'm so set in my pressing & trimming ways I don't know if I could do it! Aren't those little trimming scraps so satisfying? 😂🤣 It's still winter in our area with snow forecast for the weekend. What you show in your photo is referred to as 'a skiff' of snow around here! ❄️


I was surprised at how cold it was yesterday (I live near SF). Brrrrr!

Jen Kingwell does not press until the end either. I can't wait until the end. My piecing is much better when I press along the way. I can see how not pressing would save time, but it's a no from me;) Your new block looks so pretty!

Clair Becker

I follow Jessica too.. I thought it was just me worrying about not pressing and squaring up blocks.Every one has their preferences and it works for them


that block is amazing! that would make a gorgeous quilt all by itself. not pressing until the end? that sounds like a potential disaster for me. doesn't pin? yikes.

have a great weekend and stay warm. I was wearing my knit hat while we were playing dominoes yesterday afternoon. I haven't done that since winter last year. ;o

sue s

I am finding I HAVE to use pins, and also press between steps, to get the right size. I'm making half log cabin blocks and am literally having to measure each two strips I sew together. Otherwise my block is just 1/16-1/8 off and that is too disappointing.


I agree with you, I have to press and trim as I go too. Otherwise my blocks are all wonky! I think Mother Nature has gone insane. You're having snow and we had an earthquake this morning. The whole house was shaking! Don't get many of them here in NJ! 😂

Arrowhead Gramma

Snowing here in the SoCal mountains again today with six inches so far. I am wondering if Spring will ever happen here. We also had snow for Easter weekend. Loving your blocks Nicole, and I would do the same as you - press and trim as you go along.

Stephani in N. TX

I grew up in NJ and I so detested Spring snow events that spoiled the wearing of my new Spring outfit including a hat and "spring coat" for church for Easter and beyond. Then I lived in SoCal for 25 years, didn't know that it snowed anywhere in CA except the mountains. So sorry. DFW has recently had winds, lots of rain. You have to hold onto your hair some days. Just planted up my haul from the garden nursery this wknd, so warmer weather is here. Hope we see the eclipse for the low clouds predicted for tomorrow. Love your block Nicole, glad you have a resource for when the blocks in a collection don't match what you picture in your quilt. As always, you have a lovely quilt in your future.


I learned to sew while living at home years ago. My mom had to always pound into my head 'press as you go along.' I think that works for quilting as well, but I do admit Jessica's work is wonderful.

We are in the path of the eclipse today, so I guess that's something to stir up excitement. We will see!

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