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April 25, 2024


Lynn C. (NJ)

Hope you have a great trip! Way to go on the packing--the more you bring, the less you will enjoy the trip.
I need to check out the wool tee shirts. Thanks for the tip.

Linda K. Smith

Thanks for the useful information. One question - do you have any issues with your clothes being wrinkled from the compression packing?

Have a great, safe trip.


Your wardrobe choices will serve you well! Full disclosure...I found this out while traveling this year...if you're 75+ you aren't required to remove your shoes at TSA! Since you have an iPhone you may want to check out Apple's Air Tags on Amazon. You attach one to a zipper pull inside your luggage & you are able to track your bags on your phone. I was going to also suggest packing cubes, but you're way ahead of me on those space-savers! I don't know how I traveled without them in the past!


Nobody could ever say you aren't organized!! Love your choices and I think your trip will be fabulous! I'm sure Archie will know something is up! My wft snoozed in my suitcase as I was laying out my clothes.
Is your hubbie just as organized, or does he count on you for suggestions?

Dianne King

Love your choices...I've bookmarked a couple of items I need..thanks! Aren't Skechers great for travel? I have both grey and black and they were all I wore for our long trip to Europe last year. Great post!

Kerry L

Lots of good information Nicole especially the shoes! Traveling with limited shoes always stymied me! Thanks for the tips and have a great trip!


o.m.g. you're more organized for your trip than I am sitting at home. :0 I really really love the blue sweater. such a beautiful shade of blue.

have a wonderful trip!


Thanks so much for sharing! I love your choices and the tip about The compression bags is so helpful! You mentioned Chico's jeans awhile back and I tried them out - great find! I struggled for months trying to find jeans that fit and were long enough - these are great! I have merino wool leggings and LOVE them. Yes, they are pricey but oh so worth it.

Enjoy the trip and time with Ahren!


Wonderful choices for your mix-and-match wardrobe. All look completely beautiful! I'd throw in a couple of multicolor silky scarves to keep my neck warm.

Have a fabulous time visiting with Ahren and checking out old favorite spots and the new ones in Scotland.....

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