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April 16, 2024



Looking forward to your wardrobe choices; I dress the same style you do.

I just ordered a FQ bundle of Strawberry Emery fabric. I may sew along with you. It's been years since I've worked with a bundle; most of my quilts are scrappy and Civil War. Should be interesting!


Get a Talbots Credit Card if you do a lot of shopping with them. When you reach a certain level shipping is free. I shop online most of the time at Talbots, Chico's and Macys and have free shipping we them using either their Credit Card or Rewards program


I so agree about the shipping experience! I like to try on clothes in the store to see the fit and don't like to have to order online and keep returning things - at my age it can be exhausting! I try and shop in store to find what I like, then when I find for example a jean I really like, i order it online in the future. Stores have really changed in the last few years like you said. Ah well time marches on! I look forward to seeing what you find and keep!

sue s

I downloaded all the Summer blocks at the time but haven't thought further. I will give this more consideration as I was debating getting some patriotic fabrics. I do almost all my shopping online now. Fortunately anything I get at Amazon I can return to our Whole Foods store. I also have some other brick and mortars in my area for returns. Unfortunately I buy a lot from LL Bean and Lands End and they have nothing local and charge for returns. Our malls are becoming massive wastelands!

Lisa D.

You're so right about online shopping - the stores carry very limited merchandise so you must order online. I hate returining everything, but if it doesn't fit right, you have to! I missed the Summer in the Country sew along. It's beautiful with the red, white and blue. I may want to join you!



does archie know? my 1st dog use to get sad when she saw the suitcase come out. I took her once to the airport with me to pick up my husband from a business trip. her excitement and joy was really something.

I hate shopping. I buy all my pants from jjill. tops I've mostly bought from garnet hill and gap. summer dresses all come from title nine. all online. I only shop there because I've figured out what fits me. I hate shopping for anything other than fabric.


I love the colors in your Patchwork Star! I’m watching grandkids with a friend for a week & we went shopping in person yesterday when they were in school. I can’t remember the last time I actually shopped IN a store!! Now to ship everything that I bought home! We’ve also shopped in the local quilt shops but that’s different than clothes shopping right?😳

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