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April 02, 2024


Pamela Dempsey

Sounds delicious 😋!


Yum! Sounds delicious!


Your recipes are always reliable & I never hesitate to try them! Thank you for sharing--bread will get my attention every.single.time!🍞

Paula Laramie

I too am a fan of Damn Delicious. You should try her chicken in sun dried tomato cream sauce. Another winner and one of my husband’s most requested meals. Pair it with a nice salad and it’s dinner!

Kerry L

Like Paula, I am a huge fan of Damn Delicious and Sally ‘s Baking Addiction! I love Irish Soda bread and made a cheddar version with Calcannon soup for St.Patrick’s Day.


fresh bread + soup is the best!! I've gotten into the habit of putting butter on my sourdough bread and then sprinkling a little sea salt on the butter. an internet friend gave me this tip.


It all looks amazing and deeee-licious!

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