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May 20, 2024



Glad to have you back!


Welcome back! Sounds like your Sew-Jo has also returned. Xox


I am a new follower but love your continuous in and out bits of daily life and quilting stories.


I hope your body gets back to normal soon. What a wonderful trip though.

T Holzer

Oh, no good, Nicole! I hope you are better soon! I enjoyed all of your pics that you posted of your trip and thanks so much for sharing. You've definitely made me want to visit Edinborough and see it for myself. And I'm looking forward to your's and Sarah's book reviews! Very exciting!!


Welcome home! Perhaps once you get into familiar everyday activity your brain will realize it's time to get on a 'normal' schedule. While you were away I listened to 'Reeding Between The Lines' & enjoyed what you & Sara had to offer! I'll look forward to hearing more reviews!

Nancy B

Not surprising - I'd be crawling. Not a 20 something anymore. Rest as needed. Your body is making some demands, so listen. No guilt!! Everything will be waiting and you'll catch up eventually!


So glad you are back and full of fun memories. Always interesting to grocery shop in a different country. "spreadable pork product" ahh, no thank you.

Soon enough your jet lag will sort itself out. Until then, revel in the ability to nap during the day!


1) you have a new follower! welcome Lisa! go look at all of Nicole's beautiful quilts.

2) we went to Australia and had jet lag when we got there. 2:00 a.m. in a gorgeous hotel room wide awake. pulled out the Foeder's guide and planned our days. of course, couldn't keep our eyes open during the day. we adjusted but it was rough.

3) I bet Ahren had fun sharing his world with you. you should travel there more often. I know. I know. easier said than done.

Kerry L

So glad you had a wonderful trip and a great visit with your son! Looking forward to your summer quilt projects!

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