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May 02, 2024



Thank you for sharing. I just love the small toppers and tablerunners. It’s such a great way to try patterns and move on.

I am packing for a cruise to Alaska, also struggling as I need warm weather clothes and cold weather stuff too. I bought some compression bags off Amazon ( the Chestnut) and I was amazed at how much I could pack into my small luggage. I use soft side luggage so I don’t have to worry about my luggage getting wet in Seattle. You probably know about these already but I was really amazed at the compaction. Have a great trip!


Love the shamrock design - how timely to finish these before your trip. I understand the travel packing dilemmas. We do so little anymore, but it's always a quandry. And you really won't know what the weather brings this time of year until perhaps right before you go. I pray you have a wonderful time and travel safely.

sue s

Safe travels with whatever you wear! Nice runners and quilt. I love the all green pattern.

Lisa D.

Such pretty quilts coming back to you! I love all of them. Packing is always a challenge for me, I tend to overpack and end up not wearing many of the things I bring. Looking forward to seeing photos of your adventures - have a wonderful time!


Your newly quilted pieces are really pretty. You'll have binding to look forward to when you get home from your trip! My husband always says about packing, "'Take half the clothes & twice the money!'" Have a great visit with Ahren! ☘️ Safe travels. ✈️


Your quilts are lovely! I am like Lisa in the comments above, I pack too much and don't wear some of it. I do like how you coordinate all your outfits, mix and match. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Look forward to pictures of your trip!

Jana Anderson

Please share what you pack! I loved what you had before and want to try to replicate it for our next trip....which is the British Isles. Curious to see what you pack for all kinds of weather. Enjoy your trip!


You will so enjoy your quilts and table toppers once they are done and you can use them throughout your home. Have fun on your trip - no matter what you wear!


I love the little donut shaped block. If you think of the directions please post them.

Clair Becker

Safe travels. I have been to Ireland / London several times and just loved all our adventures. Love Love Love your Carrie Nelson quilt,those greens are fantastic.Enjoy your family time

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