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May 03, 2024


Pamela Dempsey

You’re smart to do this so far in advance. I hope your trip goes smoothly and you have a blast 💥! Are you taking any handwork?

Kerry L

Very clever to be organized! Takes away unnecessary “traveling” stress! I like to take “ end of the road “ clothes with me like pj’s and underwear. I just toss them as I travel then I have extra room to bring any treasures home like Liberty fabric!!!
Have a fabulous and safe trip!


Looks great! We’ve done 12 days in China, and also a trip of two weeks in England with only a carryon size bag. So much easier, and no lost bags. Have a wonderful time!!

Stephani in N. TX

I marvel at folks who can travel lightweight. Never quite got that. Are you really traveling with one pair of shoes?? Of course, my trips were always to SoCal where the warm weather required frequent changes of clothes. Nowadays there are so many advantages to one-suitcase traveling, not to mention that I can't lift and haul what I used to do. Happy trails Nicole, enjoy your son - the second time in recent months? Bon Voyage!


It looks like the time & thought you've put into packing for your trip will be everything you need along the way. Obsessing now will avoid stressing once you've landed! Safe travels & enjoy every minute of your visit!


Have fun!


I always overpack and keep trying to learn to take less! Thanks for showing us your selections. Have wonderful time!

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